lightweight filter balls remove tiny dirt particles



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  • Filters dirt particles of 3 microns
  • Very good water flow
  • Clear pond water in no time
  • Easy to wash out
  • + Water divider for use in the Clear Control 25 / 50 / 75 pressure filter*

Filtralon is a very user-friendly and effective filter material. The lightweight filter balls let the pond water easily pass and they remove the smallest dirt particles from the water. Filtralon can be easily rinsed or washed out for a long-lasting result: clear water. In a pond filter, the combination of several filter materials gives the best result. The last stage in the filter process should be Filtralon.

* Open the lid of the Clear Control pressure filter and place the supplied flow divider on the water outlet at the inside of the lid. Other filter materials can be placed below the filter balls. Do not place any material on top of the balls.

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