Pond products

Bottom & Plants

To obtain a stable pond environment it is of great importance to use the right bottom material. The micro-organisms, which are responsible for a natural… More Bottom & Plants

Water care

Pure water is the basis for a healthy pond environment. Water has a direct influence on aquatic plant growth, the development of micro-organisms and the… More Water care

Algae control

Floating algae transform pond water into a green slurry. Fibrous and slime algae ruin pond pleasure and inhibit plant growth. Velda offers various methods to… More Algae control


Once a pond has been sunk, we also want to plant fish as quickly as possible. The supply of various kinds of fish is enormous,… More Fish

Filtration & Aeration

Pure water is important for the condition of aquatic plants, pond fish and micro-organisms. Even if a pond has been properly laid out, problems may… More Filtration & Aeration


Preservation of a pond makes regular maintenance and care necessary. Plants will have to be thinned out, filters cleaned and algae removed. More Maintenance


We want water in our garden’ is a desire which is often uttered by garden lovers. Just relax for a while after a busy day… More Atmosphere