Pressure filter with 6 functions + UV-C

Clear Control

Clear Control

  • Suitable forup to 10.000 litres of water
  • ColourAnthraciet
  • Power9 Watt
  • Frequency50 Hz
  • Voltage220 - 240 Volt
  • Contents filter25 l
  • Max. recommended pump5000 l/h
  • Max. recommended UV-C9 Watt
  • Has UV-CYes
  • Suitable forup to 20.000 litres of water
  • ColourAnthraciet
  • Power18 Watt
  • Frequency50 Hz
  • Voltage220 -240 Volt
  • Contents filter50 l
  • Max. recommended pump8000 l/h
  • Max. recommended UV-C18 Watt
  • Has UV-CYes
  • Suitable forup to 30.000 litres of water
  • ColourAnthraciet
  • Power36 Watt
  • Frequency50 Hz
  • Voltage220 - 240 Volt
  • Contents filter75 l
  • Max. recommended pump12000 l/h
  • Max. recommended UV-C36 Watt
  • Has UV-CYes
  • Suitable forfor Clear Control 25
  • Suitable forfor Clear Control 50/75
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The filter is the heart and soul of any pond and with continuous operation the pond inhabitants enjoy a healthy life free of dangerous toxins. If you want to install a fountain, waterfall or stream, it is important that the pond water will become and remain crystal clear. Clear Control pressure filters can withstand high pressure and the water can bridge a difference in height after the filter. The filter is very easy to install and clean.

  • Pressure filter compact and strong up to 1.5 bar
  • Multi position valve for several functions
  • UV-C lamp destroys green floating algae and germs
  • Japanese mat removes coarse dirt particles
  • Active filter carbon absorbs fine dirt particles
  • Lava grit for excellent biological filtration
  • Option: heating element in the filter
  • Option: complete set with pond pump and hose

Positions of the multi-position valve:

The Clear Control pressure filter of Velda is a pre-eminent medium for bacterial growth, thus the decomposition of floating dirt is very effective. By installing a Clear Control pressure filter you will make your pond clearer and healthier. The Clear Control pressure filters have been equipped with several functions:

  1. Back wash. This position is used to wash away the dirt under the grate. This can be necessary if coarse particles of dirt have accumulated under the grate, as a result of which the capacity will be reduced (see dirt indicator). The water is now flowing from top to bottom, which enables the dirt to be washed away.
  2. Do not use for ponds.
  3. Pond drain. This position is used to empty the pond, should the need arise, and to wash away the dirt in the valve. To this end you should connect a hose to the waste outflow.
  4. Filtration. The water flows through the preliminary compartment to the bottom grate and through the filter materials to the outflow.
  5. Stop. The filter does not allow water to pass through (first switch off the pump). This position is used when cleaning the pond pump, the while the filter continues to be full of water. After cleaning the pump, the valve is put in the filtration position again.
  6. Bypass. This is the medication position. In this case, the water is not flowing through the filter material, thus the medicine stays in the water. However, after the medicine period the filter material has to be rinsed.
  7. Winter. In this position the valve mechanism will be released from pressure when the filter is not in use. This position is used by secure storage of the filter, for example in winter. In the Clear Control, a Velda Pond Heater of 300 Watt can be mounted.

Easy installation

Connect the filter to a dirty-water/pond pump for the circulation of pond water. Use a filter hose to connect the pump outlet to the inflow of the filter. Attach a second hose to the outlet of the filter for backflow to the pond. Place the filter next to the pond and lower the pump under water. Activate the UV-C lamp and the pump by plugging them in. Read the manual first!

See Clear Control 100 for ponds up to 60.000 litres.

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