the floating surface cleaner with built-in pump

Pond Skimmer Pro

Pond Skimmer Pro

  • Suitable forfor 40 m²
  • Pump output3000 l/h
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  • Floating skimmer easy to locate in the pond
  • Built-in pump 3000 l/h, permanent cleaning of the water surface
  • Dirt reservoir removes leaves, twigs, blossom and debris
  • Foam filter removes small particles, pollen and dust

The floating Pond Skimmer Pro with built-in pump is ready for use in the pond. Place the skimmer floating on the water and activate the water flow by plugging in. Continuously, the water surface is drained off and dirt is removed. Floating debris is collected in the removable reservoir. Empty the reservoir and rinse the foam filter regularly for optimal clean results.

The Pond Skimmer Pro removes floating debris in all seasons:

  • Leaves and twigs in autumn
  • Blossom and pollen in spring
  • Fish food residues and dust in the summer

By removing this organic material from the pond, you prevent problems with water quality and algae growth. Also, a clean water surface provides excellent view on the pond fish.

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