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Cross-Flow Biofill Set

Cross-Flow Biofill Set

  • Suitable forup to 10.000 litres of water
  • ColourAnthraciet
  • Pump output5000 l/h
  • Max. recommended pump5000 l/h
  • Max. recommended UV-C18 Watt
  • Has UV-CYes
  • Contents of the setCross-Flow Biofill with UV-C Unit 18 Watt + Green Line 5000 + hose
  • Suitable forfor Cross-Flow Biofill
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The Cross-Flow Biofill is also available as complete set, which can be put into operation quickly. Including:

  • Cross-Flow Biofill Filter.
  • UV-C Unit 18 Watt.
  • Green Line 5000 pump (low energy!).
  • Filter hose 40 mm (3 m) + 50 mm (1 m) + hose clips
  • Bacterial Filterstart.
  • Filter materials and connecting pieces.

The Cross-Flow Biofill of Velda is a flow filter for ponds up to 10.000 litres of water. Both its cleaning capacity and its biological action are larger than that of current filters. This property, combined with its simple installation, slight maintenance and ultimate water filtration makes this filter universally usable. The Cross-Flow Biofill ensures crystal clear and healthy pond water.

Easy installation

Connect the filter to a dirty-water/pond pump for the circulation of pond water. Use a filter hose to connect the pump outlet to the inflow of the filter. Attach a second hose to the outlet of the filter for backflow to the pond. Place the filter next to the pond and lower the pump under water. Activate the UV-C lamp and the pump by plugging them in. Read the manual first!

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