Dropsy in fish

Dropsy in koi carp, goldfish or different pond fish can be recognized by a flatulated belly. Besides scales will erect, the balance of a fish will be upset and its eyes may protrude. Dropsy is caused by a tumour, bacterial infection or failing kidneys.

Treatment and prevention of dropsy

Treatment of dropsy is possible applying a combination of special medicines. If the disease should in an far advanced stage curing will no longer be possible. The disease can be recognized by a strongly deviating behaviour. The fish will be in a corner, it will hardly be able to swim and has a very thick bulging belly. It is always wise to put diseased fish in quarantine, outside the pond.

An important cause of swollen belly dropsy can be bad quality of water. Maybe as a result of a surplus of fish in your pond. You should therefore regularly measure the quality of the pond water. A proper filter provided with activated carbon will take care of a better water quality, because the activated carbon can purify water from various micro dust particles. Also various pathogenic organisms are filtered out with it.

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