Fish pond

Fish pond

A fish pond is a pond which is merely meant to keep fish. The consequence of total admittance of plants in a fish pond is that more efforts have to be made to keep the water clear and healthy , because there are no plants to filter the water, whereas fish still produce waste material. For this reason a powerful filter system is required in a fish pond. In those cases where pond plants normally speaking provide water with fresh oxygen, a fish pond without plants needs an air pump to perform this task. Without an air pump not enough oxygen remains in the pond water which will result in suffocating fish.

Laying a fish pond

Fish ponds should be at least 80 cm deep to allow fish to hibernate safely. The water should not be subject to freezing over in winter. To this end an air pump or a pond heater could help. In a fish pond in principle all fish can be introduced. Please pay attention to the size of the fish and of the pond, the combination of different kinds of fish in one pond and the specific living conditions of the fish involved. The number of fish that can be held in the pond depends on a number of factors. Too many fish in a pond will lead to upsetting the biological equilibrium. Fish will produce more waste material than the pond bacteria are able to process. The consequence will be that the pond will be bothered by floating algae and will become turbid. Besides the chance of diseased fish is bigger.
In a pond which has been equipped with a filter installation and/or a UVC Filter up to 25% more fish can be kept than in a pond without such installation.

Maintenance fish pond

As a fish pond is dominated by fish, the pond water will soon be full of waste materials. For this reason a very powerful filter is necessary, which should be inspected and maintained regularly, just like the pump. Also the bottom of the pond should annually be freed from sludge. You can use Bio-Oxydator for this purpose Of course fish need your attention too. They have to be fed supplementary and in case of any disease they have to be administered medicines. If some fish should fall ill, it will have to be separated from the other fish. Certainly if medicines are added to the water.

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