White spot in fish

The most frequently occurring fish disease is white spot. It is cause by a parasite called ichthyophthirius. If resistance of fish is decreasing, white spot parasites can develop on the skin of a fish. The parasites will lodge on the mucous layer of a fish, causing clearly visible white spots to form.

Treat and prevent white spot

paratex21It can be properly treated with means taking effect quickly against these white spot parasites. It is wise to put diseased fish in quarantine outside the pond, in order to prevent a plague. It is of course better to prevent white spot. It is important then to feed your fish during the summer months on a quality feed. Feed, containing a large amount of all important nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In this way fish will have enough resistance after winter. Different causes can be bad water quality or, as the case may, too many fish in the pond. The directive is 50 cm of fish length per 1,000 litres of water. A properly functioning filter, provided with activated carbon will bring relief, because this carbon can purify water from various micro dust particles. Also different pathogenic organisms will be filtered with it.

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