Rosette or Golden rudd

A Rosette pond fish, also referred to as golden rudd, is family of the cypriniformes. In large ponds this fish may grow to be as large as 8 to 14 in. You can recognize a Rosette by its red fins and back as well as by silver to pink belly and sides.

rozetteA Golden rudd is a strong fish by nature, which will not fall ill easily. However, it is sensitive to carp louse and mould. Your pond should be at least 28 in deep to enable a rosette to hibernate and locally it should have a shallow depth of 8 in for propagating purposes. A powerful filter is necessary, because a golden rudd likes clean water with a slight flow. Also the oxygen content of the water is very important. So, an air pump is to be recommended. Put Rosettes in a school of at least 10 to 15 specimens.

Special balanced and easily digestible feed has been developed for rosettes.


Name: Rosette or golden rudd
Length: 8 to 14 in
Appearance: Red fins and back; belly and sides silver to pink
Age: 15 to 20 years
Feed: Insects and high-grade quality feed of easy digestion, containing vitamins and minerals (additional feeding)
Pond: Minimum 28 in deep; locally 8 in with a view to mating; put them in a group of at least 5 specimens
Protection:  Necessary


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