Cloudy pond water

Cloudy pond water can be caused by a number of factors. For example, the biological equilibrium of the water can be disturbed or the filter does not work properly. We have listed the mostly occurring causes of cloudy turbid pond water for you:

  • A newly built pond, the water of which is not altogether in a biological equilibrium.
  • The other day the water of the pond was refreshed.
  • The oxygen producing plants are exhausted.
  • The pond is situated in full sun during the whole day.
  • The filter does not or not properly work.
  • A shower of rain caused garden mould to be rinsed into the pond.

Filamentous algae (2)

To secure clear water a mineral hardness of at least 8 °GH is required. For this reason you should first carry out a pond test if turbid pond water is involved. If the GH value is less than 8° GH, it is important to increase the hardness. Special hardness increasing means are available to secure this.

By increasing water hardness and enhancing a steady balance of minerals your pond will satisfy the conditions clear water again. Take care that you have a proper pond edge, which will prevent the garden mould from washing away into the pond. Use, for example, peat for the edge.

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