Submersible pump, no common pond pump

A submersible pump is used to pump away water. As their name implies they are immersed in order to make a room completely dry again. This is not only convenient for ponds , but also in case of flooding or if you want to pump out your pond or swimming pool.

How does a submersible pump work?

Submersible pumps are placed underwater on the bottom. As the pump is standing on the bottom, it can pump the water up from below. Pumping up water up to a few tenths of an inch from the bottom is done with the help of a level suction submersible pump. A high-pressure submersible pump is often used for sprinkling.

Purchasing a submersible pump

If you buy a submersible pump you should make sure whether it suitable for clean water or dirty water only. Clean water, for example, you will find if you want to pump out your cellar, dirty water, however, is sandy and turbid.

Besides, you should always establish whether a float is added to the submersible pump. As the temperature of the water is responsible for the cooling of the motor, overheating in case of prolonged (dry) use, constitutes a great risk. A float will take care that the pump will automatically stop when the water level has gone down.

Connecting a submersible pump is not difficult. If you purchase a quality pump, it is always accompanied by a clear and useful manual.

Items you should also pay attention to:

  • Is there enough space for the pump
  • Is there a possibility to connect the pump
  • Where should the water come from and to what place should it be transported.

No common pond pump

Although submersible pumps are quite suitable to pump out your pond, it is not suitable take care of regular water circulation. For your pond you should opt for a durable pond pump. It will last for years on end and is suitable for many different pond situations.

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