KHV or Koi herpes virus

Koi Herpes Virus, also referred to as KHV, is a highly infectious virus. In most cases KHV is a fatal disorder for pond fish. Fortunately it does not occur quite often and infection by KHV in koi is only transmittable on fish which carry the koi herpes virus. KHV can be recognized by the gills an skin of fish that will be devastated within a few days time. Besides, it is a question of excess mucus production, loss of the mucous layer, skin wounds And herpes like rings on the skin.

Treat and prevent Koi herpes

There are no medicines against viruses. Also Koi herpes virus can not be treated. The defence mechanism of an infected fish will have to fight the virus itself. It is wise to put the diseased koi in quarantine at once outside the pond. The virus can proliferate very quickly at an ideal temperature of 22 to 24 degrees centigrade. At lower (18 to 21) degrees centigrade or higher (25 to 28 degrees centigrade) the virus can proliferate less quickly and the disease will proceed less quickly. Fish diseased will have al little more time then to fight the virus.
Putting newly introduced fish in quarantine may also prevent the KHV from spreading. Preventive measures are as a rule effective to keep this virus outside a pond. The following items are very important:

  • Take care of a good quality of water. To achieve this you should check pond water regularly.
  • There might be a surplus of fish in a pond. Directive is 50 cm of fish length per 1,000 litres of water, so, about 1 koi per 1,000 litres of water.
  • A properly functioning filter, provided with activated carbon brings relief, because this carbon can purify water from all kinds of micro dust particles. Also various pathogenic organisms are filtered out with it.
  • Distribute quality feed to koi, specially suitable for koi.

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