Clean water surface using a pond skimmer

A skimmer will keep the water surface of your pond nice and clean. Many dirt particles are falling from outside a pond into the water surface. Blown in leaves, pollen, dead insects and also feed residues give a pond a neglected appearance. It is also important that you prevent this floating dirt from sinking to the bottom, thus upsetting pond environment. A pond skimmer continuously removes dirt from the water surface.

Kinds of skimmers

Pond SkimmerIf you equip a pond with a skimmer you may choose between a wall design in the pond edge or a floating surface skimmer. The latter can float in any wanted place on the water surface and catch dirt. When applying a wall skimmer, placing the mouth opening as opposed to the water flow and the direction of the wind is very important. In Western Europe the wind is often blowing from west or northwest. The more surface dirt will float into the direction of the pond skimmer, the better dirt can be caught by the skimmer.

Maintenance of skimmer

A skimmer is simple to maintain. The only thing you have to do regularly is to clear the catching bin. It is also advisable to inspect the pump once a year for pollution. In winter the skimmer should be switched off with a view to freezing.

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