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During the winter months, your pond is ‘at rest’. The fish are less active and less visible. But as soon as spring is on the way, you can start working on your water garden and your pond will soon be healthy again. Velda makes things easy with the step-by-step guide for spring maintenance.

The days are gradually getting longer and the sun is shining more often. The arrival of the first spring flowers will not take much longer. A few smart tips can help you get your pond ready for the coming season.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1 Starting up the pond | After the long winter, the condition of the pond and the fish will have deteriorated strongly. Get your pond going again with a course of spring treatment. Biofit neutralises harmful substancesin the water and strengthens the mucous layer of pond fish.
 Brengt de vijver weer in topconditie

Step 2 Preventing algae | Organic material is a source of nutrients for algae in spring time. Use Algae Stop to remove nutrients and Bio-Oxydator to remove sludge on the bottom of the pond. Algae growth will be much less likely.

Algen voorkomenStep 3 Water hardness at level |  Monitor the water values and adjust them with GH Plus and KH Plus. GH values between 8° and 12°DH and KH values between 6° and 8°DH are ideal for the pond. Test the water regularly to see how the pond environment is developing.

Waterhardheid op peil

Step 4 Adding bacteria |  Give nature a helping hand with Bacterial. These water-purification bacteria get the pond going and start the biological ‘clean-up’ immediately. This keeps the pond water clear and the biological balance will soon be right again.

Step 5 Preventing green water | Algae can develop early in spring, even before the aquatic plants start to grow. The UV-C lamp in the filter destroys floating algae and keeps the pond water clear. You should replace the lamp in spring for a lasting result.

step 6 Work on vegetation | The pond is ready for new pond plants now. Existing water lilies and marsh plants can be propagated and planted in other locations. Use spacious plant baskets and the right pond soil. Use Lelite for your water lilies.

Aandacht voor beplanting

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