accelerates the creation of a biological balance



  • Suitable forfor 5000 litres of water
  • ColourWit
  • Suitable forfor 20.000 litres of water
  • ColourWit
  • Suitable forfor 100.000 litres of water
  • ColourWit
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Bacterial contains nitrifying bacteria cultures in lyophilized form. These water-purification bacteria immediately start cleaning your pond biologically! They help to create a biological balance, clear the water and promote healthy plant growth.

Dosage: 25 ml (= 1 measuring cup) per 2500 litres of pond water. Repeat the treatment 4 times a year.

Bacterial produces benefits for the pond and the filter in a range of situations. In new ponds and filters, after water is changed and when cleaning filter materials, after algicides and fish medicines are used, when the nitrate level is high, when water plants are growing poorly and when there are algae. The right bonding material is needed for the added bacteria to do their job. The bottom substrate and filter materials are excellent homes for these bacteria. Oxygenated water also healthily encourages the growth of bacteria. The aeration of the water puts oxygen into the pond and helps Bacterial to work.

Bacterial contains billions of nitrifying bacteria which will become immediately active when added to water. These water purifying bacteria immediately start cleaning the pond biologically. Bacteria are important in decomposing organic waste material from feed residues, excrements, died off plants and bottom dirt. They provide a clear pond with healthy plant grow and in which there is a good biological equilibrium between the supply of organic material (feed residues, excrements, plant residues) and its absorption as nutrients for aquatic plants.

Nitrifying bacteria are found any place where it is moist. In new ponds, however, it takes 4 to 6 months before these bacteria have multiplied to such an extent that they are present in sufficient amounts, so that the equilibrium can be described as good. This is just the period in which problems can arise. Use Bacterial in new ponds to be sure of sufficient water purifying bacteria right from the start. Also in existing ponds, in which water plants do not grow well or algal growth is prevailing, Bacterial can be applied successfully too.

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