natural product for ponds, barley straw in pellet form

Vincia Strobinol

Vincia Strobinol

  • Suitable forfor 6000 litres of water
  • Activecomponentsbarley straw
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Strobinol is a natural product based on barley straw with a preventive effect: pond water stays clear and free of cloudiness. The 100% natural effect of barley straw is based on the development of amoebae and other plankton: the microscopic animals keep the pond clear for long periods. As it breaks down, barley straw releases useful substances into the pond. Strobinol is concentrated barley straw in user-friendly pellets. It contains 100% natural organic ingredients and it is biodegradable.

This packet is enough for ponds of up to 6000 litres.

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