Atmospheric spot lighting for under water use

Pond LED Lights

Pond LED Lights

2 years of warranty
  • Suitable for3 pieces
  • Power4 Watt
  • Frequency50 Hz
  • Voltage220 - 240 Volt
  • IP68
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Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the special atmosphere at the waterside long after sunset! Specially for ponds, VT is introducing water-tight led-lighting that allows you to enjoy your pond well into the small hours. In the evening, the pond area is lit by the spotlights and you get a spectacular view of the under water world in your own pond. The lighting spots can be placed invisibly under water.

The Pond LED lights are easy to install in or next to the pond: no assembly required! 

Transformer: 12VAC 4W
Failure: < 5% 1000 hours
Failure: < 10% 6000 hours
Flux: > 80% 6000 hours
Colour Rendering Index: > 65
Power Factor: > 0.5
kWh / 1000 hours: 4W
Beam angle: 30°

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