pond bottom cleaner + bacterial activator



  • Suitable forfor 25 m²
  • Suitable forfor 50 m²
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Bio-Activator cleans the pond bottom quick & easy!

  • No chemicals
  • 100% natural components
  • For all (swimming) ponds

Bio-Activator solves the problem of pond sludge by combining two long-acting components in the pond. By activating the granulate with cleaning bacteria, bottom dirt disappears quickly and nitrate is decomposed into gas bubbles that leave the pond in a natural way. Pour the activator over the granulate and let it soak for 5 minutes. Wear gloves and distribute this mixture evenly over the bottom. Suitable for all ponds, incl. swimming ponds, at water temperaturs above 10ºC.

Fallen leaves, died off water plants and excrements of fish can increasingly pollute the pond bottom. Lack of oxygen will acidify the pond soil, whereas decomposition of organic sludge is no longer possible. The water plants will no longer grow and algae will gain the upper hand.

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